Your Marketing Mission Part 2


You need to weave your marketing mission into transportation. If you’re going to deliver products and services, your ability may be keyed to its marketability.

If your product actually requires delivery like furniture, then your ability to make these deliveries in a quick manner is critical to the sale.

If your business service requires that a technician or a contractor goes to the home or business, then your ability to schedule that technician in and out of that customer’s life is very important to their satisfaction and, therefore, the continued success of your marketing program.



Weave your marketing mission into your advertising. It’s no surprise that advertising is critical to the marketing success of your business. However, what’s not as obvious is the role that advertising can play in actually advertising the different aspects of the marketing mission to your potential clients. If your business adheres to this marketing mission type of approach, then it’s a lost opportunity if your advertising doesn’t really address this fact in an effort to distinguish your business from its competition.

All of your advertising should prominently state your USA.


Sales Force

Your marketing mission should connect with your sales force. A well-trained sales force should be aware of the various elements of your entire marketing mission.

They need to be trained to point out the USA to each prospect they meet. They need to know how to fulfill your USA so it will meet the customer’s needs and wants.

Through your overall marketing efforts, you need to continue to be aware of the customer’s demands. Your USA should properly reflect the rationale under which a customer is going to deal with you.

It’s not sufficient for just the owner of a business to know and understand your USA. Every employee, every salesperson, every assistant, every telemarketer, and every phone person needs to be able to communicate the USA in their calls and dealings with prospective customers.



Image needs to be in your USA and marketing mission. If a customer perceives your business to be sensitive to their needs and you’re able to satisfy those needs in a professional and timely manner, you’ll see the results of this awareness in their increased loyalty.

You’ve got to get this whole marketing/USA mission to obtain referrals from existing customers and you’ll get an overall more positive relationship with your customer base. It’s involved in your mission also.



If your business prices its products or services just to be competitive, there may be a tendency for your customers to determine that your company is just about prices and it is no more favorable than your competitors. If price is important to your potential customer’s or client’s buying decision, you need to structure your prices so there is no doubt in your customers’?minds that you have priced those products and services in fairness.



The importance of location varies depending on the type of business you’re in. One thing is clear. If, from the customer’s point of view, your business is in a bad location, it is inconvenient to get there, difficult to find, too far away, or in an unprofessional area, your business and sales may suffer if location is important to your business.


You need to have one or more incentive programs to show your customers how valuable they really are. These can take many forms; sales discounts, freebies, etc. We’ll explore different ways to structure these and when to utilize incentives later in the program.

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