A Marketing Crusade

A marketing crusade is an all-out effort to convert others to your product or service, your company, and your way of thinking. Ninety-nine percent of the success of your business will result from the success of your marketing efforts.

You can have a great product or service, but if you don’t know how to get it into the hands of your potential customers or clients, you will go out of business before you can even start.

We compare our marketing approach to a missionary’s work or the launching of a crusade because only the fervor and the determination of a missionary or crusader will assure your marketing success.

Missionaries are driven by more than just their desire to sell someone on buying their product or service. Rather, a missionary’s goal is to convert the world to their way of thinking, their mission and their crusade. Only through such a conversion process can you expect to receive not just a customer, but customers for life.

When your business launches a marketing mission, it takes a different approach to marketing than is used traditionally.

Traditional approaches are taken and set aside in favor of our missionary or crusader’s goal. In a traditional effort, the real motivation for most marketing activity is just to make money. That’s nice to do, but that’s not all we need.

Every marketing effort, at this point, is tied directly back to its contribution to money coming in.

Now, as a missionary, your business goal becomes an effort to win your customer’s lifetime business and loyalty. If your business’ marketing activity is successful in changing the way your customers think about your business or products or services in such a way that the customer sees you as a vehicle to accomplish their goal and growth, then your goals and your growth will be a natural result.

As your business manages its sales growth properly, increased profit is going to follow. Immediate profits are nowhere near as important as long-term profits. To insure that you’re going to continue to profit for the long-term, your real objective is to convert your prospect into a customer who shares your vision of what you’re trying to accomplish and is a true believer.

Vision is a problem with the normal sales approach. There is no vision other than the short-term, which is to make the immediate sale. There is little or no real focus on back-end selling, which we’ll talk more about later on.

What is your vision?

  • Is your business focused on an area of interest to your customers, prospects or clients?
  • Are you driven fervently by the need to help them or yourself?
  • Why should others patronize your business rather than any other business? Or not do anything at all?
  • What will not only cause your customers to return again and again, but cause them to tell others to buy your products and services as well?
  • Can you take that vision and incorporate it with a main sales and marketing thrust, advantage or Unique Selling Proposition and use that for an advantage over your competitors?

We’re going to show you how to launch this marketing mission or crusade and how to re-think your entire mindset on how real success is created whether you want to use this to market personal assets or you want to market business assets.

Life is really about marketing and selling. You start out as a cute little packaged newborn baby and you’re selling your parents on responding to every whim and desire. I’m finding this out myself. Throughout our lives, we re-package and re-market ourselves continuously. We sell our parents on caring for us. We sell our spouses on staying with us. We try to sell our children on obeying us. We try to sell our bosses on employing us.

By trial and error, some of us come upon the right marketing approaches and the right sales techniques that tend to work better than others.

If you’re not a good salesperson, you can have difficulty in life.

If you are a good salesperson, you’re going to succeed.

If you’re a great salesperson, you’re going to be able to obtain your every heart’s desire.

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