Mistake #6: Not Offering A Solid Guarantee

You need to guarantee every sale you make.

You might have a reaction, If I do this, people might take advantage of me and I’ll go out of business. That’s natural, but false.

You need to have a guarantee that says, “100% Money-Back Double Guarantee or Better Than Risk Free Guarantee. If you don’t like what we sell, we’ll give you your money back plus $100.”

Your guarantee needs to be so strong that the risk is reversed from your prospect to your shoulders. It can be an unconditional guarantee, an extended warranty, or a replacement at your cost.

Your goal is just to get 1-5% of your prospect’s buying power knowing that the other 95-99% is coming right afterwards. If you do a good job of serving their needs, the others will come. Anything you can do to get the prospect to give your business a small try will pay off many times over in the future. Yet, some people will take advantage of you. The increased response to your offers will more than outweigh the deadbeats that take advantage of you.

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