How To Write A Killer Ad

I’m going to pull all these strategies that we’ve been talking about together and create a killer ad. Here’s how you do it.

#1 Talk it out first before you write it.

#2 Call a friend, associate or employee and explain your product or service to them.

#3 Tape record that call.

#4 Have those conversations transcribed onto paper.

#5 Label every single sentence in there as to whether it’s a feature (describes what your product or service does), A for an advantage (over a competitor), and B for anything that’s a benefit (tell your customers what it does for them).

#6 Write the sentences rated 1-10 by their importance. 1 being the least important and 10 being the best. You will have an F-1, F-2, F-3, etc. B-10 would be the most important benefit.

#7 Combine all features, advantages and benefits ranked 6 or higher and create a headline from there.

In other words, if you’ve got a B-10 and B-9, A-10 and A-9, an F-10 and F-9, you want to create your headline out of those. Use the 6-8 benefits to tell your story. Your 6-8 advantages will create interest and your 6-8 features will credentialize your story with details and facts.

#8 Tell them how to order and how to order now.

#9 Reverse the risk from them to you using risk-reversal.

#10 Reward them for immediate action.

#11 Re-write five different versions.

This seems like a lot of work, but this is how you will end up with a killer ad. Roll it out small and test it, and when it works, roll it out in a big way.

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