Don’t Sell Products And Services, Sell What They Do!

Often we observe in our marketing that our efforts are focused on detailed descriptions of products and services. We see this all the time in advertising. The business goes into great detail talking about the great features of the product and the specific process of how they will do this for you. Sometimes these details are critical to the buyer’s buying decision and it does have merit.

However, I need to caution you about spending too much time describing the details when the customer really wants to know the results. They want to know what’s in it for them.

They also want new insights. Don’t tell them about the problem they have that your product/service will solve, they already know they have that problem. Teach them something NEW! Give them a new insight into their business or the solution you can provide.

The old adage that you can’t see the forest for the trees may apply here. If you describe in detail the physical makeup of the trees of a forest, you might do so at the exclusion of adequately describing the entire beauty of the forest. If a beautiful forest is exactly what the customer is shopping for, you have now made an error in the way you are describing it and focusing on the trees.

It’s not just limited to trees in the forest, of course. Let’s talk about it in terms of products and services

Let’s talk about a maid service. What they do is not very important. They do clean house, but that’s not necessarily what I’m interested in. What I’m interested in is they eliminate harmful germs and show up when they’re supposed to. They might be bonded against breaking household valuables. That’s what their service really does. Educate me on those things, and the fact that they carry insurance in case they get hurt in my home because I’m liable if they don’t,?they should check other services for this.

Furniture might range in price to attract customers who buy based on cost. Others are interested in the details of the materials used. Other customers base their decisions on the look.

There are many different reasons.

Whatever your business offers, you need to tailor your marketing to communicate to your customers what your products and services do. These are your benefits in addition to any other critical pieces of information.

The Internet has changed everything. People can education themselves about anything. I recently spent 20 minutes researching a power cord for my Mac from a hotel computer kiosk because I wanted to get the right one.

People want to feel they’re making a good decision, so education them to the point of making that decision with you.

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