The challenge for most $5 million to $100 million companies is they are good at sales, but not good at sales strategy. The are good at what they “do”. That’s how they got to this size. They often have their hands full growing “their business” vs growing “A business”.

Breakthrough Consulting International is a Profit Optimization strategy company that provides CEOs who are unsatisfied with their growth rates, profit, processes or sales a proven process that can double or triple their revenue, decrease their costs and ultimately increase their bottom line increasing the rate at which they double the size of their company.

Our Philosophy

Our proactive and systematic approach to increasing revenue and decreasing costs to improve your bottom line gives us the opportunity to engage a broad spectrum of people and companies whose businesses are poised for explosive and exponential growth. To do this, we use a four-point business philosophy.

  1. Small and mid-sized companies need a competitive advantage more than ever.
    Big competition gets more and more breaks on a daily basis. Big businesses are getting better at acting like smaller companies as well. You need to be able to act like big business in revenue and cost structures – and it isn’t going to get better anytime soon.
  2. More Profit is 90% process and only 10% chance, luck or right place right time.
    The business success stories always featured on the magazine covers are the unbelievable one in a million stories or rags to riches. Ideas that probably wouldn’t happen twice and make you think that. That’s not how we think. Explosive and exponential growth rates are not luck. They require quite a bit of hard work, diagnostic reviews and measurements, analysis and ACTION, but the good news is that, unlike good luck, good business is replicable, scalable and gives you the advantage you need over today’s competitors.
  3. Check your ego at the door.
    It’s not about you or us. It’s about creating a company environment that wants to be the best in every little thing it does. It’s about creating success for the entire company. Bravado, cockiness,  confidence all actually can have it’s place. But real confidence and success comes from knowing your company can deliver the exact delivery your customer wants…as good as you possibly can.
  4. Love your Customer.
    This might sound like something that sounds obvious. But think about the merchants your frequent. How often do you feel their appreciation and dare I say “love”. Being thankful for your customers can improve the entire culture of your company and the relationship with the buying public. Making it a part of your culture to make customers know how you value them is truly a game changer. Let them know it.

See how Breakthrough Consulting International can help your business transform. Contact us today and start seeing a difference in your bottom line!


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